About Us

Bluebusstore is the maiden entrepreneurial venture started in 2009 by two tee-shirt aficionados who want to save the country from the scum of bad tee-shirt designs! It's an online "witty" tee-shirt selling site, the first of its kind in India. Having travelled extensively in the US, Abhir and Pranav realized that tees in the US had much cooler designs and captions than those available in India. And that's how bluebusstore was born, on a New York - Mumbai flight, just when they were several thousand kilometers above Dubai. There was a shapely gorgeous girl sitting at the window seat next to Pranav with a caption on the bust of her tee which said ...

The caption just seemed to talk to them. They knew it was a sign ... of times to come. One idea led to another and by the time they landed, they had already started looking out for a name. And yes, when they did come up with the name, the shuttle providing them a transfer from the tarmac to the airport was a blue bus indeed!

Of course, being tired of working with their dads provided a boost to the idea, so did their prior experience. Abhir has worked in the fashion line a good 4 crazy years while Pranav has in-depth knowledge about textiles. Their mission is to manufacture high quality tees with jaw-dropping, in-your-face kinda designs. The dudes' envision expanding from their current 500 square feet office to a 5000 square feet office in the next 12 months!

Abhir always believed in fashion that is simple yet smart. It's all about wearing an attitude. And bluebusstore gives you loads of it! A great colour with a wicked caption speaks a lot about the humorous side of your personality. Pranav, on the other hand, is here to make sure that the tee shirt fits you like hell, devils!

From the promoter's desk:
You can expect reasonable prices, fantastic captions, a service that leaves nothing desired and a 100% customer friendly policy when you buy a tee from us. You can also expect to attract attention and turn a lot of heads towards you when you wear a tee that you have bought from us. We believe that we look cool only when we can make you look cool. And this is just the beginning, watch out for more cool stuff …